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Tip Biscuits


Biscuits are consumed throughout the world for their nutritional value and also can be stored for longer durations. Biscuit manufacturing is a major processed food sector. Biscuits are available in a wide range of shapes, fillings, colors, and toppings and are hence accepted by consumers of all age groups. Major and minor ingredients used during manufacturing of biscuits play an important role, and the chemistry behind them must be well understood by biscuit manufacturers to maintain quality and to avoid batch variations. The method of manufacturing used nowadays is either a fully automated or a semiautomated plant in the organized sector, but it is fully dependent on humans in the unorganized sector. Apart from the method of manufacturing, packaging also plays a multiple role, that is, safeguards the product from contamination and attracts the consumer. This article outlines and describes the chemistry and methods associated with the manufacturing of biscuits.

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